Stump One

The Stump 1 Deer Hunting Blind

Stay comfortable in any weather with the Stump 1 hunting blind. Designed to accommodate the gun hunter, the Stump 1 is equipped with four windows for 360-degree views and a large walk through door to easily enter/exit the deer hunting blind. The maintenance free UV stabilized polyethylene material prevents any damage from the sun or cold weather so you can scout and hunt more and make the most of gun hunting seasons year after year.


  • 360-degree view allows for excellent visibility in all directions.
  • Oval design makes it a perfect hunting blind for bowhunters.
  • Extremely durable, UV stabilized polyethylene construction.
  • Paintable, bark-like texture. Weather resistant. Will not rot.
  • Windows open silently, seal tight and keep scent contained.
  • Rigid heavy-duty steel-plate base for easy, secure mounting.
  • Includes gun saddles and vent kit.


Specification Description
Material Polyethylene
Exterior 48" diameter, 78" tall
Interior 12.5 square feet
Door Size 24" x 35"
Window Size 20" x 12"
Weight 150 lbs
Capacity 1 Person
Colors Weathered Wood, Alpine Green or Buck Skin
Floor Wood
Insulation Option Available
Warranty 5 Years


“My father owns a 275-acre farm in southern Minnesota. He owns two Banks Stump One Man hunting blinds and loves them both. My personal favorite is one he has seated in a large clear-cut with shooting lanes cut out like spokes on a wheel. The Stump is the perfect blind for this, as it allows excellent visibility from all directions. The Stump has really easy entry and exit access. I've also found the Stump to be superior in keeping me protected from the elements and the design and materials seem to be great at absorbing any noise I make while inside the blind. Thanks for a superior product.”

- Michael D. Nation